Wheely Safe – Intelligent Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Wheel Loss and Brake Temperature Sensors

Wheely-Safe has agreed a new partnership with Pantoja Engineering to offer its full suite of intelligent tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), wheel loss and brake temperature sensors to the Brazilian transport market.




Steve Jackson, Managing Director of Wheely-Safe, says: “Partnering with Pantoja Engineering will provide us with a strong ambassador for our award-winning technologies within the Brazilian truck market. We are seeing growing demand for our products all around the world, and with his strong contacts and expertise, Ricardo Pantoja is perfectly positioned to help us promote the huge benefits our system can bring to fleets and manufacturers in Brazil.”


Ricardo Pantoja, CEO of Pantoja Engineering commented: “We are always looking for new innovations to meet the needs of logistics operators in Brazil.  The Wheely-Safe system is a great piece of technology that can monitor tyre pressure and temperature, brake temperature, and in particular, identify the on-set of wheel-loss while the vehicle is in motion. In Brazil the terrain is often extremely uneven and vibrations are constant so a system that can protect the wheels and tyres is of even more  importance.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to take this brilliant innovation to Brazilian companies.”


About Wheely-Safe:

Wheely-Safe Ltd is a technology start-up founded in 2010 by two lifelong friends – Gary Thomas, a Director of his own transport compliance consultancy, and Gary Broadfield, a Director of Technology and serial inventor for a large Japanese electronics manufacturer. Together they brought the marriage of skills required to help solve wheel loss issues in the automotive sector, and to tackle the huge number of vehicles driving every day on under-inflated tyres. The early years of Wheely-Safe concentrated on attaining worldwide patent protection and technology small enough to fit near the wheels of all vehicle types, from cars and vans to trucks and trailers – with its first products launched into the market during 2018. www.wheely-safe.com


About Pantoja Engineering:

Pantoja Engineering is nationally recognized for its excellent service in solving complex infrastructure problems in harsh environments, through consultancy, training and innovation that delivers lower risk and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

To find out more please visit Pantoja Engineering & Consultant. – www.pantojaindustrial.com